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Real Estate


Experience in Real Estate Law You Can Trust

Buying or selling property is one of the most important transactions a person or business will make. It is not only a major financial investment but a choice about how and where a person will live and work or a business will prosper.

At Campione & Associates, we understand how significant this process will be for you, and how important it is to have the help of lawyers whose expertise extends to many types of real estate transactions.  

Understanding Real Estate Transactions from All Sides

Before becoming a lawyer, Dominic Campione was one of Ontario’s youngest ever real estate agents. Dominic’s proficiency as a real estate agent has given him extensive insight into all aspects of real estate negotiations. He puts that experience to work to help Campione & Associates’ clients with their real estate transactions.

Our lawyers have 40 years of experience in real estate practice and also understand the latest developments in real estate law. We use our knowledge to guide and simplify the process for you. We have helped many clients successfully negotiate deals for both residential and commercial property all across Ontario.


How We Meet Your Real Estate Needs

Campione & Associates offers comprehensive real estate services. These include:

  • Buying and selling a home

  • Commercial real estate transactions

  • Private mortgage support

  • Timely real estate closings

  • Commercial and residential leasing

  • Land development

  • Joint ventures relating to property purchases

  • Power of sale

  • Mortgage enforcement

In real estate law, one action may be connected to other areas of law. As a full-service firm, we can help you deal with these legal issues as well.

Watching Out for You Every Step of the Way

Most people bring in a lawyer at the end of a transaction. Today’s real estate market can be complicated, and bringing in a lawyer early in the process can help avoid problems. Our lawyers will be there for you throughout every step of the transaction.

We recognize that this is a big moment in your life, and we will be there for you when you need us.


Looking to Buy or Sell?

Come and find out how we can help you with a residential or commercial property transaction. Call (905) 761-9100 or email us to arrange an initial consultation.

Our lawyers are located in Vaughan, Ontario, and proudly serve clients across the Greater Toronto Area. 

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