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Estate Planning


Estate Planning to Meet Your Needs

Thinking about what should happen at the end of your life is never easy.

The best way to secure your legacy and prevent familial disputes over your assets is to prepare a will. Estate planning can be complicated, so don’t rely on a will package bought on the internet.

Campione & Associates can help you plan your estate and explain exactly what you want done with your assets. We aim to give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you will have provided for your family, even after your passing.

Estate Law Solutions – Drafting Your Will

We know how essential it is to have experienced lawyers guide you in planning your estate. We will listen to you and prepare an estate plan that meets your needs.

Campione & Associates can assist you with:

  • Considering any special needs within your family

  • Drafting a will that will express your wishes clearly and as simply as possible

  • Preparing trusts and other instruments

  • Preparing powers of attorney and any other necessary legal documents

Often, estate planning may involve other areas of law. We can help you deal with any such matters as they arise.


Estate Planning – Plan As Soon As You Can

People who have left estate planning to their senior years may face difficulties. Often the help of a younger family member becomes necessary. Campione & Associates can tell you what may have to be done before a senior can draft a valid will including:

  • Determining if they are mentally competent to prepare a will

  • Securing a doctor’s certificate to confirm the senior’s full capacity to prepare a will

It’s best to plan well ahead to avoid these possible problems.

Estate Litigation – When Plans Are Not Clear

If a will is badly drafted, or there are other complications, Campione & Associates will be ready to advocate for you in court. We have litigated matters including:

  • Determining the validity or interpretation of clauses in a will

  • Determining the intention of the testator when the will was drafted

  • Dealing with challenges to the will from people disinherited by the testator

  • Dealing with challenges from beneficiaries

  • Probate issues


Let Us Help You Plan Your Estate

Come and find out how we can help you with your estate planning. Call (905) 761-9100 or email us to arrange an initial consultation.

Our lawyers are located in Vaughan, Ontario, and proudly serve clients across the Greater Toronto Area. 

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